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Research On Convenience Food

America has seen a rise in convenience food, or fast food, since 1970. America estimates that by 2020, about $223 billion will be spent on fast-food restaurants and that Americans will eat there every day. The truth is that most people prefer to grab a large cup coffee on the way home from work over a full-course breakfast paired with green smoothies. In the old days, there was little to no convenience food. People preferred breakfast with family, good conversation and good food. People consider food appealing to the eyes and palate. Humans need food. It is important to respect food in every way possible, so that it can be preserved for its intrinsic value. What if people aren’t able to appreciate or afford the food that sustains their lives? It’s shocking to see how people have lost touch with food and forgotten what it means. Convenience foods have corrupted our perception of food.

Convenience food is expensive. Convenience foods can be expensive. A stall with pre-washed or pre-cut green apple would appear in any grocery store. Its price is often higher than the cost of a pound. This is why most people would opt for the ready-to-go one, regardless of its price. A bag of fresh apples can be cut and washed at home, but they are more expensive. It is important to help them realize the long-term effects of convenience food. Pre-cut green apple slices cost $4 today, when compared to the $1.30 that it costs to get one pound of apples. The uncut apple is a great way to save money. Puzic (2014) writes that consumers will often pay more for pre-cut vegetables and bagged salads because they feel they can save time. People won’t recognize the value in food. It will all disappear. Food is fickle and is only good for a certain time. Food’s value determines the price people will pay. Convenience foods can have many additional flavorings, but it doesn’t necessarily taste as good as real food. This affects the quality and safety of food. Manufacturers are so conscious of how many ingredients are needed to make a product that they can cut corners. If people consume corned beef in a can, it’s difficult to determine if they really get the product promised. Puzic (2014) writes that “it’s crucial to distinguish between useful, value-added foods conveniences from frivolous ones.” They should be able to identify what they are buying. The quality of food is not worth the time spent on convenience foods. Convenience food does not guarantee quality, and worse still, people will pay more for less food.

Yes, convenience foods are delicious. You will find a wide variety of delicious flavors in convenience food. There are many convenience food options that can satisfy hunger and cravings. Millennials have the ability to get delicious and quick meals wherever they are. However, convenience food can be unhealthy. Many ingredients are added to convenience food, making it appealing and healthy. The manufacturing of convenience foods can affect the nutritional content of the food. This is vital for good health. Fortification refers to the addition of vitamins or nutrients to food. Because it is less nutritious, it can be more difficult for the body absorb these nutrients. But it is important that you get fresh nutrients. Convenience food should not be bought because of the high levels of sugar and salt. Too much sugar and salt in the body can cause water retention, cramping and obesity as well as heart damage. High cholesterol and heart disease are also common in convenience food. Salt and fats can cause taste buds to become accustomed to processed foods. Convenience food is not good for your health, despite the fact that it tastes great. Convenience foods can lead to many health problems.

Convenience food can take away the joy of eating. Cooking with friends and family is one of our most treasured moments. It doesn’t matter how large or small the gathering, food is always a highlight. Cooking also allows you to have fun and spend quality time together. Warm gingerbread greetings, chats with friends, and making biryani (which takes a lot of work) can all be part of these events. It is a way to feel authentic when you make your own food. You can take pleasure in each and every bite, even though you have spent hours at the stove. It is important to enjoy food and not just extract the nutrients, flavor and richness of the food. Brean (2014) wrote that “a banana doesn’t just have potassium.”

It is evident that convenience food has changed the way people view food. Convenience food is replacing healthy, expensive food. In the end, people no longer value food because they have the option to buy convenience food. Convenience food is a popular choice because it saves time and tastes well. People have come to believe that convenience food will make their lives easier and prolong their life.