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Pros And Cons Of Caesarean Section Delivery

Here is an introduction

Caesarean sections are also known as C section delivery. This involves the use surgery to deliver babies. One or several. When there is a risk to the baby’s life or that of the mother, Caesarean section delivery may be necessary. This could be due to issues with the umbilical and placenta or breech birth, high maternal blood pressure, twin pregnancy, or obstructed Labour.

The mother’s previous history of C section delivery or the shape and size of her pelvis will affect the caesarean delivery. The mother may choose to have a vaginal birth after the C-section. The World Health Organization recommends that a Caesarean Section be performed only if the baby is in serious danger. Sometimes, however C-sections can only be performed if there is a medical reason. The C-section birth takes between 47 minutes and 1 hour. When the mother’s condition is stable or asleep, spinal block can be used. An antiseptic is used to clean the abdomen skin and a bladder catheter is used. The mother’s lower abdomen is incised by making a six inch incision. The baby is delivered by a second incision. The stitches close the incisions. When the woman is ready to breastfeed, either when she is in the recovery room or while awake, the stitches close the incisions. To recover, the mother must stay in hospital for a few days before she can go home.

Delivery of Caesarean section: The pros and cons


Incontinence risk will be decreased by Caesarean Section delivery

C-sections are very convenient and lessen the stress of anticipating labour.

In the first three month, the risk of having sex problems is reduced by having a caesarean.

There are fewer chances for baby to be oxygen deprived during C-section birth.

This delivery lowers the risk of injury to baby during birth.

The mother has a feeling of control because they know the details and can plan for their baby’s delivery.


Sometimes, the mother’s bladder or bowels are damaged by a caesarean delivery.

You run the risk that your mother will become pregnant or have to receive more blood transfusions.

Sometimes pre-term delivery may be possible if the delivery date is incorrect.

A C-section birth can pose complications for mother (low blood pressure and allergic reactions, pneumonia, etc.).

This type is more likely to result in death for the mother.

Infant mortality is also increased by C-section.

The mother is at high risk for blood clots or infection due to caesarean sections.